The most crucial aspects of every successful business are the foundation that the company stands on and the infrastructure that makes it all work. ERS Medical has the foundation based on its finest services. The services tell the story of the company’s commitment and dedication. Customers know when they have purchased a quality product. The look and feel is substantial and the output is reliable and steady case after case. Certainly, the infrastructure of a company is created upon the people who work there. When a customer calls for support, they know when staff is helpful and the tech is knowledgeable of product and process.

ERS Medical’s services for biomedical equipment are the life force that helps us begin our journey and the outstanding medical equipment repair and maintenance services keep the company functioning. When these two combine, we are able to create happy customers worldwide!


Newer Anesthesia Repair and Maintenance Approaches Simplifying Old-School Processes

Much like other advanced medical technologies, when it comes to anesthesia repair and maintenance; things certainly have changed over the past several years. We have come a long way! In early days, biomeds had expertise in the machines of things; however, now is a need for more knowledge on the electronic side. The responsibilities of biomeds have grown over the years as compared to before where technicians’ responsibilities were limited to only break/fix work.

Today’s anesthesia machines have a lot more technology in it and are networked into the hospital’s IT system. So what we are seeing out in the field is that biomeds not only do the break/fix work they’ve always done, but they are much more involved in the IT strategies of the hospital. In past, anesthesia repair and maintenance technicians had to do a lot of mechanical checks on the machines. Now that the tech-advancements have penetrated the medical industry, technicians basically required to carry a laptop and interface more with the software rather than the machines of the machine.

Older anesthesia machines consist of tapered glass tubes containing bobbins or balls that float on a stream of moving gas so that as the gas flow rate increases, the ball or bobbin is carried further up the tube, indicating the flow rate. ERS Medical’s certified and skilled anesthesia repair and maintenance technicians adapt to new technology much more easily than other people do.


ERS Medical – A Smart Choice for Anesthesia Repair & Maintenance Service

A happy customer is the keystone of any company because satisfied customers, one who returns to you for all their needs and relays the word to others; helps build and maintain a healthy reputation for the products and services or for the company as well.

How ERS Medical Gain and Maintain Happy Customers for Anesthesia Repair & Maintenance?

  • Going above and beyond what is expected for outstanding anesthesia repair and maintenance service that performs and never cuts corners make ERS Medical authentic.
  • Putting the customer first, making sure the customer is happy and always being eager to answer any question – whether large or small – makes ERS Medical extraordinary at customer service.
  • ERS Medical is progressively aiming to innovate, improve and exceed the expectations of its customers makes it a worthy anesthesia repair and maintenance company with a solid foundation and a passion for delivering quality products to the world.

In the evolving medical industry, it is nice to get to know a company that was founded and remain firmly grounded on quality anesthesia repair and maintenance, exceptional customers care and the overall happiness of its customers.

Get to know ERS Medical – the medical equipment service, repair, and maintenance Company that takes pride in their reputation for new and innovative ways of anesthesia repair and maintenance and excels at providing extraordinary customer service.