The most vital aspects of every successful company are the foundation that the company stands on and the infrastructure that makes it all work. ERS Medical’s foundation is its products. The product tells the story of the company’s commitment and dedication. Customers know when they have purchased a quality product. The look and feel is substantial and the output is reliable and steady case after case.

Certainly, the infrastructure of a company is created upon the people who work there. When a customer calls for support, they know when staff is helpful and the tech is knowledgeable of product and process.


ERS Medical – Taking the Pain Out of Anesthesia Repair and Maintenance

Newer software-driven systems at ERS Medical for Anesthesia repair and maintenance are simplifying the old-school preventative repair and maintenance of medical equipment. Much like other advanced medical technologies, when it comes to anesthesia repair and maintenance, things certainly have changed over the past several years.

The medical equipment repair and maintenance specialists from ERS Medical have gone from the mechanical to the electronic. In the past, our biomedical equipment experts had expertise in the machines of things but now there is a need for more knowledge on the electronic side as technology doesn’t stop receiving updates with the passage of time.

The anesthesia repair and maintenance specialists from ERS Medical have elevated responsibilities now which were very much limited in early days, helping the work to break and fix on-time. Today’s anesthesia equipment has a lot more technology in it and is networked into the hospital’s IT system. So, what we are seeing out in the field is that biomeds not only do the break/fix work they’ve always done, but they are much more involved in the IT strategies of the hospital.

Anesthesia machines play a key role in surgical settings; therefore, it is important this equipment is inspected regularly to make sure it will function properly. Preventative anesthesia repair and maintenance must be performed to reduce gas leaks, and ensure the appropriate percentage of anesthetic is being delivered. It is advised that all personnel should be trained in the proper use of anesthesia machines prior to operation. All anesthesia must have preventative maintenance performed at least annually.


Tips for Preventative Anesthesia Repair and Maintenance

  • Electrical safety inspection and battery replacement
  • Physical inspection for loose or missing screws, sharp edges, or loose connectors
  • Visual inspection for mechanical or electrical damage
  • Verify operation of safety interlock if applicable
  • Verify operation of hand-wheel lock and release button
  • Verify hand-wheel turns smoothly through entire range
  • Check fill/drain system operates properly and that there are no leaks
  • Verify concentration delivery accuracy at 0, 1, 3, & 5% settings using room temperature 100% Oxygen at 5 LPM flow is within manufacturer’s specifications.

As always, it is best to refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations for preventative anesthesia repair and maintenance since it could differ from the tips above.

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