Do you own a hospital?

Do you run your own clinic?

If yes, then you must have installed some kind of anesthesia machine to operate your patients. Being a doctor is such a noble service to humanity. Isn’t it?

Still, sometimes mistakes do happen. You cannot avoid uncertainty. But you can always reduce the degree of errors by regularly repairing and maintaining your anesthesia machine.

Regularly servicing them will keep you unworried, helping you to focus on work. Thus, improving productivity and saving costs.

Anesthesia repair and maintenance is a must-avail service when you are using anesthesia machine and equipment on your patients.

Leaks in the anesthesia machine could also cause unsafe pollution levels in the lab, which is dangerous. According to OSHA, waste anesthetic gases could pose serious risks, including sterility, birth defects, cancer, miscarriages, liver and kidney disease.

The good news is, a trusted and professional Anesthesia Repair and Maintenance service can help you prevent, identify, or fix these leaks.

How to perform Anesthesia Repair and Maintenance on your own?

Leak test

To check for leaks, you need an oxygen supply of 40 to 60 psi, plus a bag and breathing circuit.

Daily cleaning

Breathing bags and tubes need to be clean to prevent illnesses from spreading. It is better to use one-time use disposable bags and tubes; it is important not to reuse.

If you are using reusable bags and tubes by soaking them in a solution of three parts water and one part of one-percent disinfectant. Rinse thoroughly in order to clear residue off the bags. Hang them to dry for 24 hours.


Soda lime

Soda lime needs to be switched out after losing its ability to absord CO2. It is recommended to replace soda lime after every 14 hours of usage.

Annual maintenance

Like any machine, there are lot of little parts inside the anaesthesia machines which wear out over time. So, it is recommended to go for Anesthesia Repair and Maintenance annually.

Let us sum up the benefits of taking Anesthesia Repair and Maintenance service:

  • Saves repair cost
  • Ensures safety and security
  • Keeps worry-free
  • Improves productivity

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