As technology advancements progress visibility into medical equipment performance, equipment manufacturers have found that customer expectations are also increasing. Comprehensive medical equipment maintenance can help your healthcare organizations address your facility’s long-term goals.

Some ways to build proactive preventive medical equipment maintenance programs!


1.     Automate Service Contract Management!


With service management software in place, medical device manufacturers can automate alerts throughout the organizations. An events manager with alerts, escalation, as well as workflow features helps service departments avert the clerical nightmare of managing service contracts on paper. A service management for medical equipment maintenance system automates the following tasks:

  • Alerts for expiring contracts
  • Tracks inventory for service contracts
  • Set up computerized email campaigns and workflows to sell contracts
  • Alerts technician when a PM visit is coming up and updates any change to their schedule
  • Sends alerts to managers when contracts aren’t profitable

2.     Repair Equipment before problem occurs!


With the advent of the industrial IOT in the manufacturing space, companies can now set up service contracts based on medical equipment maintenance performance. IOT sensors in the equipment activate a work order automatically when a part is not working right. As the work order is generated, the system orders parts as well as schedules a preliminary service call. When the parts arrive, a service truck is dispatched to the site to execute preventive maintenance.

3.     Ensure Equipment use is equally distributed!


The main purpose of medical equipment maintenance preventive visit is to keep equipment running. A supplementary bonus is improving equipment efficiency. Service Organizations can extend the life of equipment by making sure certain device isn’t overused. IOT sensors reveal how long, how often, as well as how well machines are utilized. If one device is continually overused, while another is hardly ever used, service companies can rotate the machines so each receives equal wear.

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