Do you own a medical facility or a clinic? If yes, then, you probably own physical therapy equipment. You know well that it needs regular maintenance and repair to operate well.


However, the process of physical therapy equipment maintenance and repair can vary. So, in this blog, we will discuss how to go about the maintenance and repair of physical therapy equipment.

  1. Fast turnaround: While you are not generating any revenue, chances are you will be in trouble. Keeping this in mind, we try to return equipment to our clients under most circumstances. Unlike, other medical equipment repair companies, we don’t take up to a few months to repair and return your equipment.
  2. Affordable and Reasonable: Maintenance and repair come with a price and that depends on the extent and the intensity of the repair that is required. However, there are alternatives to purchasing new medical devices equipment. We at ERS Medical offer a broad range of refurbished medical equipment that has gone through inspection by quality control personnel.
  3. Loan facility available: Running a physical therapy clinic is not an easy task and it needs investment. We look at our clients like family and never want them to be left without the equipment. However, it is not always possible but we do our best to have loaners available for our customers.
  4. No Evaluation Fees: Make sure that your Physical Therapy Equipment Maintenance and Repair service provider is not asking for evaluation and is giving you a realistic quote in terms of repair, maintenance, and turnaround time.

We covered how to go about Physical Therapy Equipment Maintenance and Repair and if you have any questions, visit our official website i.e. now!