Medical Equipment maintenance is an essential part of running an effective and safe medical facility. Patients expect to be treated to a high standard in civilized diagnostic facilities. This means hospitals as well as clinics must go for regular medical tools maintenance before going any major surgeries or operations.

Developing a medical Equipment maintenance Strategy  

Hospital administrators are assigned with formulating and enforcing medical equipment maintenance plans. What should they do to process equipment management properly?

  • Create an inventory of entire medical equipment used in the facility
  • Obtain manufacturers recommendations for maintenance
  • Confirm the credentials of companies as well as individuals tasked with maintaining equipment
  • Take note of high risk equipment that requires 100 percent compliance
  • Create procedures for inspection
  • Focus to extend the life of medical equipment and diminish failures with preventive measures
  • Equipment function can be restored with corrective maintenance

Implementing Medical equipment maintenance strategy


An effective medical equipment maintenance plan has three levels:

  • Planning- Medical administrators who plans the maintenance management plan need to consider financial costs, human resources as well as physical logistics. The considerations must be balanced when implementing a plan, so that finances break-even and resources are delegated in order of priority.
  • Management- The second wing of the equipment maintenance level is a management department that can continuously examine how well elements of the plan are functioning and direct resources consequently.
  • Implementation- Once a plan is confirmed and resources have been allocated, administrative and management departments must collaborate as well as communicate seamlessly. This will result in facets being implemented appropriately and timeously.

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